1. The Dirt Up Here: A Filthē Album

  2. Murder Castle
    IAMGAWD X The Black Depths

  3. The Eternal Reflection - Instrumentals
    IAMGAWD X Custom Made

  4. Momento Mori
    SolarFive & Iceberg Theory

  5. (Vinyl)Order Of The Day: Return Of The Cherry Tree
    WateRR X Tone Beatz

  6. Wonder (prod. by Kai Hightower)

  7. Say Word (prod. by DøøF)

  8. Walk By (Prod. by Kai Hightower)

  9. Iron Mic (prod. KillerKaneBeats)

  10. Holla Lou Ya

  11. Sunday Sessions
    defprez (CRASHprez, Defcee and knowsthetime)

  12. monk. (Deluxe Edition)

  13. Hell's Angels & Heaven's Demons
    IAMGAWD & Doc Da Mindbenda

  14. Decay the Llama ft. Homeboy Sandman and Defcee - Lights Out! (Maxi Single)
    Decay the Llama ft. Homeboy Sandman and Defcee

  15. selfmedicated

  16. We Dressed the City with Our Names
    August Fanon & Defcee

  17. The Eternal Reflection
    IAMGAWD & Custom Made

  18. The Ghost of Cavalier Mitchell - vocal track 59.5/119 bpm ***Contest***
    IAMGAWD and Custom Made

  19. Behind the Fire Drill
    Tone Liv and Custom Made

  20. The Money and His Fool Deluxe Edition
    Decay, the Llama

  21. ceenick
    Defcee & Nick Arcade

  22. Throne for Loops

  23. Capital Won
    Def Seveer

  24. Desire (feat. WdotIll)
    Defcee & goldenbeets

  25. Shelter in Place
    Defcee & knowsthetime

  26. D.II
    Decay the Llama

  27. Canaan (feat. Davis) (prod. by Iceberg Theory)

  28. Antique Black Deluxe Edition
    Decay, the Llama

  29. Gas Station Sushi
    Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama

  30. Acid Blue and Other Demons
    Decay, the Llama

  31. D.
    Decay, the Llama


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Independent artist development and music label based in Chicago with veteran leadership.

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